Thursday, December 3, 2009

Howard County Double Cross by the Numbers and the Photos and the Blogs and the YouTube and the Quotes and the Pie

When people heard that Rockburn was spawning a double, they thought we were nuts. They were right, but the result was an awesome weekend off sweet, sweet cross.  But rather than take my word for it, read what other people wrote and see what other people saw.  Keep scrolling, there is TONS of stuff.

"Loved the course, loved the location. I'll be back next year. I had a blast. " - Josh P.

"Nice course today....power sapping and did you run sprinklers on the back side hill - what hills HOLD water? Geesshhh." - Jeff A.

"I liked the course, hated the run-up....of course, I don't like any run-ups." - Steve W.

"I had a blast. can't wait until next year. Oh.....and the pie??? DAMN! that was good stuff. " - Carlo A.

"Thanks for a great weekend of racing!" - Mike B.

"That was a great day. I loved the course and the event was well organized. Great people, great weather, great racing, what else can I say?" - Bill O'K.

"Thanks to the organizers and volunteers to make a great race weekend. Loved today's course! Great job HoCo2xCx crew!" - Rusty W.

"It was a most excellent adventure. The course was a challenge, and that makes for a great day." - Jim K.

"Thanks to BBC for putting it together!" - James D.

"Well done Rockburn Cross. A good weekend of racing. Both events beat the tar out of me. Can't wait for the 2010 editions." - James K.

"Couldn't have picked a better race to try out cyclocross than this weekend! Both races were soooo family friendly (key when you have 4 kids!) and full of twisty turny, mud cakey, grassy goodness! " - EstroJen

"Nice job everyone involved. Great races and pulling it off b2b is crazy." - Barry H.

"great couple of race - thanks for doing this." - Jim B.

"Good course, food, turnout, and weather!" - Mike W.

"I think it went awesomely. Difficult course, great food, great people: great job! Thanks for your efforts in putting together a great weekend of cyclocross!" - Mike N.

"I thought the old rockburn was perfect but truthfully this incarnation was so much better....." - Karl C.

"great events! thanks for a great pair of races :)" - Marc G.

"Perfect Cx weekend! Thanks for organizing it." - Alain P.

"You folks put on a great race.  The tweaks to the course were perfect.  One of the best race courses this year." - Gary K.

"I've attended all of the Rockburn CX races so far as well as the MTB race in the spring. As long as you have these races, I'll be there. I especially liked the course change this year at Rockburn. The food vendors were pretty good and were not outrageously priced as had been the case at other races. You've got my vote with a 2 thumbs up! It was definitely a good weekend." - Jay D.

"Fantastic re-design of the course...All I heard were positive remarks from riders in all races. Well done!" - Matt H.

"Great job this weekend. Perfect weather, fun racing, pie. Thank you." - Bill S.

"Matt, I'm not sure if you promoted/organized both races this weekend, but they were both awesome! Thanks for the work you put into everything, both events are keepers with great courses, I'll definitely be back next year for both." - Neil S.

"It really had a great flow about the course. The transitions were much better than before. It was one of my top favorites of the year." - Dave W.

          "Thanks again for putting together one of my favorite races of the year (Rockburn). My 26th place was not quite as good as my 3rd place finish last year in the Cat 4 race, but I moved up to the 35+ masters and those front dudes are just too fast for me.
          "The new addition of Schooley Mill Park was great kind of. Now my wife wants to get a horse after seeing that facility! You know how many bikes you can get for the cost of 1 horse. Also, she now wants to move from downtown (Capitol Hill) to Howard County. I love that she comes to every race, but I did not anticipate having to pick-up house to move out to the country so we can have horses. Though the good thing would be that my commute to work at the Department of Commerce would be around 60 miles a day which is pretty nice for training purposes.
          "Note: Pass along to the food vendors: Custard Creme pie is amazing and more Sweet Potato Fries. Dangerously Delicious pies should be a hallmark at every MABRA Race, I would like to have them at Hyattsville CX next year.
          "Thanks again." - Ryan D.

"I did the Sun race--- I did last year too. love it. I liked the course this year. Will return if you do it in 2010. Thanks for putting it on." - Marni H.

"Great races! Excellent venues and promotion! It was especially nice to have food at the events. Thanks for your efforts." - Peter H.

"Great weekend and congratulations of a fantastic event." - John H.

"Rockburn was a great race, awesome location. Thanks for putting it on and supporting cyclocross." - Rich Z.

"Thank you very much for setting up these two great races. The contrast between the 2 courses was fantastic, really serving up different cx flavors." - John R.

"thanks to Rockburn Cross and Schooley Mill Cross for another awesome weekend of mabra cx racing" - Steve R.

"Rockburn Cross threw an amazing race weekend, one of the best races of the year. (Thanks!)" - Edge Vacation

"Next year I'm coming w/ my hatchet and taking care of that stupid root!" - Gunnar S.