Thursday, October 28, 2010

That dirty bird stole our stolen idea!

Look Folks,

You saw it here first. AFC's Rockburn Cross stole DCCX's idea of tandem race a full DAY before those upstarts at Rosaryville did, and we've got the confirmed riders to prove it!

Adam Driscoll and Pat Blair got the hare-brained scheme to add a tandem race to the second day of Howard County Double Cross after winning fame and glory at DCCX. Seeking to establish their dominance at being joined at the head, the two envisioned Rockburn as a rematch against Tom's Shoes, but they are not afraid to call out the competition. Adam said, "Bernie and Karl won't be slow [despite being old - ed.], but Joe and Jared need to practice."

Double promoter, Matt Brancheau, says "we totally had the scoop on adding TANDUMB!!! to our second day, but now we've got to compete with a sausage fest! Our only hope is that they deliver the goods and put twice as much funk in twice as many trunks."

Rockburn's TANDUMB!!! may now be TANDUMBER!!!, but we're offering up prizes for the top 3, top 3 co-ed, best dressed, and most spirited. You may even see the promoter towed around in a Burley handing out red cups, so be sure to stick around after the elite men's race for a serious debacle.

Rumor has it Rockburn and Tacchino may not even be the last MABRAcross races to steal the tandem race idea. Gumshoes, this is turning into an episode of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego".