Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charm City Cross @C3cx

Around the time when groundhogs are examining their shadows and pondering their own unremitting decline versus the risks of first foragings, the equally skittish Mid-Atlantic roadie shakes off the torpor of winter on some Trade Zones, and these upright ground squirrels--or perhaps "road squirrels"--begin to lust for what all marmots seek in La Primavera: Jeff Cup.

However, around the time when the foliage reverses its progression from green back to red and brown and eventually black and simpler forms fatten up for the winter, a more ferocious creature heightens its activity.  Like wolves prowling the woods and dales in the sharp air of autumnal dusk, we crossers hunger for the first trophy for our packs: Charm City Cross.

We are nothing short of ravenous with 512 entries on BikeReg, and probably more by the time you read this.  The scent of UCI points is attracting alpha crossers to the hunt, and there are only 5 days remaining to pre-register.  Charm City Cross is the ceremonial start of cyclocross season, and both the race and the season promise to be the biggest, baddest ever, fueled by rapacious fervor for embrocation and mastik gripping the Mid-Atlantic.  

So if you are pondering your own shadow, show it no fear and join the Mid-Atlantic Brotherhood (and Sisterhood) this Sunday, September 20 at Druid Hill Park to watch or race crossers who would devour your legs, but then have a beer with you afterwards!

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