Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3.3 km vs. 3.0 km

3.3 km is the current length of the Rockburn Cross course.

3.0 km is the distance from the Race Hotel to Rockburn.  That's right, its closer than the course is long.

So, now, you may be thinking to yourself, "Self, why would races 5-10 minutes off I-95, smack between the beltways, need a race hotel?" Admittedly, we're not expecting to fill the hotel, so we didn't reserve a lot of rooms, but we have had racers and their entourages from the far-flung hinterlands visit us for past races.  Those folks may appreciate such ridonkulous convenience.  You may appreciate such convenience too, so here are some reasons you may want to mull:

1. You want to make a family weekend of it (playgrounds in both infields, stuff to do nearby).
2. You want to get away from your family for the weekend.
3. The booking service has a better refund/cancellation policy than the hotel itself.
4. The booking service gives the promoter a cash-money kickback for every room booked.  Hey, this is what sponsorship is all about right?
5. The hotel will have a place to wash your bike (so will Schooley Mill Cross).
6. Somebody else has to wash the sheets and towels (please don't trash the rooms).
7. Unlimited ice for your recovery ice bath.
8. Free breakfast.  (FWIW, the chuck wagon also has awesome breakfast sandwiches, and there is a bagel shop between the hotel and the race, among other restaurants, like sushi.)
9. Free WiFi so you can plot vengence on your nemesis overnight.
10. You hate the beltways and you'd rather spend that hour sleeping.

Anyway, the rate is competitive, and then they give some of the money back, how cool is that?  A little symbiosis and they support our crosser community.  And you know we're just going to spend it back on you, our cross brethren and sisthren.  I mean, have you seen the cars we drive?  My car is definitely worth less than the prize list.

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