Saturday, October 3, 2009

PSA: Venue Preservation

We are all very fortunate to have the enthusiastic support of local government bodies who allow us to use public spaces for racing. Most of these agencies are delighted to not only allow us to use their roads and parks for races, but also to enjoy them for spontaneous, recreational riding. However, as good residents or guests, these municipalities will only permit our continued event promotions if we all exercise respect and responsibility toward the resources provided by all tax-payers.

Put more succinctly, they'll only let us race if the grass grows back.

Now that cross season is in full swing, please feel free to pre-ride or post-ride the public venues that allow it (and please also respect the private or public venues that do not allow unsanctioned use). However, stay a few yards wide of the track worn-in from racing--and avoid creating a new track--so that we can all maintain good relations with our coveted venues. It'll give you better training anyway.

Cheers, and happy and safe racing.

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