Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Course, Drawn and Quartered

Whilst some described the inaugural Schooley Mill course as “an instant classic”, others asked, “How did you get water to STAND on the SIDE of a hill, you sonofa*****!?”

For 2010, we’ve gone Medieval on parts of the course to make better use of the rolling equestrian facility. We promise that we hope for no more equine shenanigans, so you shan’t need to prepare for a charge of heavy horse.

Still present is the long, uphill start and finish and roomy, right-handed pits. We’ve moved the barriers near the pits into a morass of switch backs that I like to call “The Jousting Arena”. Fear thee not, you won’t collide with oncoming traffic, unless you’ve been hitting the grog too hard.

New to our Northern slopes is what we have dubbed “The Disemboweled Death Spiral.” All of the twists with none of the tedium. We took the broad swoops and tight chicanery, unwound them, rehooked them, and set them off-camber for a delightfully un-nauseating sequence the best climbers AND descenders will be able to rail through.

On our Southern flank across the wind-swept heather (ok, I don’t know if its heather), we’ve broken up some of the climbing so that thine lungs don’t quite feel like they are in an Iron Maiden, but there will still be plenty of opportunities to besmirch your honor or maybe just your jersey.

To register for Schooley Mill Cross or our comrade in arms, Rockburn Cross, go hither!

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