Monday, November 2, 2009

2008 by the Numbers and Photos and the Blogs and the YouTube

We were pretty pleased with 2007, but we were blown away by 2008.  We more than doubled attendance, so correspondingly we got a lot more photos, a lot more blogs, and our first YouTube video.  Enjoy!



Podiums by Phil Esempio
Elite Men by John Scott
Elite Women by John Scott
Li’l Belgians by John Scott
Li’l Belgians by Phil Esempio
Elite Masters by John Scott
B Men and U19 by John Scott
B Masters by John Scott
Starts by Phil Esempio
Fatguy Racer
Bill Scheiken
Mike Neary
Track Sean
Ryan Dudek

Beer Frites Waffles
Unholy Rouleur #1
Unholy Rouleur #2
Scott’s Right Of Way
<------- gay [bike] racer
The Complete Jewish Cyclist
The Muscle

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